The activity begins with us wandering through the birch forest up to the stupbrant that runs along the east side of Åsberget. From here we make our way down along our ZickZackZip – an activity consisting of seven ziplines with a total length of over 700 meters. We move in sick-sack through the birch forest before finally landing in the tower next to the parking lot.
This package gives you a nice zipline ride through the birch forest and the opportunity for a hefty adrenaline rush at the tower, all with the utmost certaintyabout our Swiss-made kanopeo security system.
Time:about 2h
Price: 495 SEK/person

Adventure package SuperZipline starts with a hike up to the cliff edge. There, our high-altitude course Hälsingevy takes us up the steeple and further into the trees above the precipice towards the start of our SuperZipline. The view of Ljusnandalen is magically beautiful and the high-altitude hälsingevy course is made to suit everyone.

After this comes SuperZippen, a tandem course of almost 500 meters with over 70 meters of drop height. As a full adult you reach 80 km/h at its fastest, and the experience becomes something special as it can be shared with a friend who at the same time rides on the line next door. This is the fastest tandemzipline in Sweden, and the references in the treetops make the speed really noticeable. Upon landing, we are slowed down by a magnetic brake at a distance of 30 meters, also it is an experience that is felt in the stomach.
This package gives both fantastic views of Ljusnanadalen and great speed down towards the same! All with the highest security through our Swiss-made kanopeo security system.

Time:About 2h
Price: 595 SEK/person

Kan ni skapa sifferkombinationen som öppnar kassaskåpet? Peter Stormare behöver er hjälp för att få tillbaka sina ägodelar. Lagen får en spelplan och uppgiften att hitta ett antal platser i närområdet och lösa gåtorna. Efter 40 minuter är det dags att öppna kassaskåpet om de har kommit fram till rätt svar. Kan arrangeras inomhus vid max 20 personer.

The price is in the safe!
A stimulating interruption in the conference or kick-off.

Stormares dilemma tar 1 timme och passar 6 – 40 deltagare.

Price 325 SEK/person excluding VAT.

Ni delas upp i lag och sedan är jakten igång.
Peppa varandra i dueller och lös uppgifter av olika slag, där allas kunskaper och förmågor är värdefulla.
Upptäck dolda talanger hos dina medarbetare och samarbeta för att ta hem vinsten.

Aktiviteten tar 2 timmar och passar en grupp med 6-100 deltagare.

Price: 350 SEK/person excluding VAT.

Here it is important to row in pace. An activity where you can instantly see the effect of "everyone rowing in the same direction". Enjoy the tranquility and beautiful nature. The boats can accommodate about 20 people.

Price: 2332 SEK/boat incl. VAT, 2200 SEK/boat excl. VAT.

Read more about church boat rowing here.

The possibility to rent the Viking House is available. Price SEK 1,500 incl. VAT

Start the morning, cancel the conference or end the afternoon with an instructor-led powerwalk in our beautiful surroundings. Fresh air and a real energy boost. Heating, fitness, stretch included. Clothes according to weather and good shoes are recommended.

Price: 600 SEK incl. VAT, 567 SEK excluding VAT.

Nordic walking is a good form of exercise where you burn more for each step by activating more muscle groups. Fitness improves and you strengthen muscles and bones. With our instructor we go for a lovely and refreshing walk for about 45 minutes.

Price: 600 SEK incl. VAT, 567 SEK excluding VAT.

We have carved a round of tips with fun and moderately difficult questions around our beautiful Orbaden. The tip round ends with something from the bar and award ceremony.

Price: 120 SEK/person incl. VAT, 96 SEK/person excluding VAT.

Vi sammarbetar med två aktörer för ridning. Dels Hälsinge ridupplevelser som ligger i Trönö, ca 28km från anläggningen och Stall Bogården som ligger naturskönt i Bogården ca 10 km från oss.


1.5 hour tour/lesson 250 SEK/person

2.5 hour tour with coffee 450 SEK/person

dagstur med förtäring, från 900 SEK/person

Can be booked for 1 - 20 people

With us you can also rent:

  • Skates
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoes
  • Ice fishing equipment

You can also borrow a kick or walking rods.


Försommarlyx med härlig vårmeny

Passa på att fira in försommaren eller studenten denna helg

Fredag 9/6 och lördag 10/6 har vi extra fina erbjudanden på vår helgmeny. 

Spaentré med 4-rättersmiddag 995:-/p

Övernattning med spa, bubbel, 4-rätters middag och frukost. Från 1675:-/p

Dessa erbjudanden kan bara bokas via telefon 0278-621500


Vi tycker att Orbaden är vackert hela året runt, men kanske lite extra just kring midsommar.

Här finns information om vår midsommarbuffé, boendepaket över midsommar, samt allt som händer i byn.