body wraps

12 | Aroma wrapping

 50 mins
1045 SEK

A unique treatment where aromatic oils are used according to your internal needs. Treatment begins with a Turkish salt peel that removes dead skin cells. Next, a mineral-rich crème mixed with an optional organic aromatherapy oil is applied that helps tense muscles relax. While you're embedded and the products seem, you get to enjoy a facial shower.

13 | Moor mud wrap

50 mins
1045 SEK

Moor mud clay is well known for its therapeutic properties and is recommended for tired sore muscles and joints. The clay has a peeling effect and makes your skin soft and smooth. The treatment ends with the application of a mineral-rich bodycrème mixed with a circulatory oil. While you're in the box, enjoy a face shower.

14 | Calming lavender dream

80 min
1395 SEK

Enjoy the soothing and balanced effect this treatment brings to your body and mind. Treatment begins with a whole-body mirroring with eucalyptus and lavender. Next, you'll get a massage with hot lavender oil and a foot massage. A treatment for those who experience a lot of stress in your everyday life.

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