Orbaden is still a place that people are inspired by and pilgrimage to.
An oasis to relax on and enjoy the changing seasons.

A warm welcome to Orbaden Spa & Resort

Helene Åkerström Hartman

Helene Åkerström Hartman
with staff


Orbaden has been known as one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Sweden for almost 100 years. Already in the 1920s it was widely known that at Ljusnan's valley there was a beach that was something out of the ordinary. According to the first tourist brochure, even the most famous beaches on the west coast could not "endure a comparison".


In 1934, Elis Ellis took over the restaurant. Elis Ellis was a well-known actor in Stockholm and had a large network of contacts among theatre people and celebrities. Under Elis Ellis' rule, operations grew in Orbaden and the site became a watering hole for the big city's cultural elite. The parties relieved each other.

There were those who thought Orbaden had become too liberated a place. In particular, the Church urged resistance in the 1940s, arguing that Orbaden had become a "nest of sin." Especially the baths upset. Two-piece swimsuits were used, which was prohibited by law, in addition to nude baths. It got to the point where the county sheriff had to investigate. However, he chose to look through his fingers and let the festivities continue. He even went so far as to make an exception and allowed both full- and half-nosed baths in Orbaden, an exception that only applied elsewhere in the country. Orbaden became one of the great Swedish tourist magnets.

Everything was rebuked for the tourists. Ellis expanded and started running boarding houses. He built a slide from the slope below the restaurant straight into the lake. Every week there were several concerts and sing-along evenings, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays there was dancing. A rest cottage and a viewing tower were built on Åsberget. On the beach, coffee was served and the villagers went and sold long milk and sandwiches to the sunbathers. Orbaden was at all a festive place to spend your holiday. There were at most three restaurants, three guest houses and five kiosks in Orbaden, in addition to the restaurant.


till vårt event på Hallwylska den 26/9 17:00-20:00


Ölruset 2024

24 juli. Löpning/Jogg/Rask promenad 7,5km (314 höjdmeter) med ölstopp i natursköna Orbaden, Hälsinglands riviera – följt av bad, mat och underhållning.

Boka boende hos oss. För er info tryck på läs mer.


Nu smälter snön och man börjar känna suget att komma ut i naturen. Vi vill flagga lite extra för våra trevliga vandringspaket som kombinerar spa med en härlig naturupplevelse. Här kan du vandra i berg, skog eller efter älven.



Det är nu snart 3 år sedan Orbadenstämman återföddes. Även detta år erbjuds buskspel, konsert från kyrkbåtarna, ungdomssatsningar, artistframträdanden logdans och kurser. I vårt paket ingår entré till stämmans båda dagar, logi och mat.