Third in the national final of Entrepreneur of the Year

Helene Åkerström Hartman third in the national final of Entrepreneur of the Year. There was a big cheer in the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall when it became clear that Helene Åkerström Hartman from Orbaden Spa &resort won the bronze place in Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden.

The entrepreneurs present the award for making entrepreneurs visible who, through their commitment and entrepreneurship, work hard to run and develop their businesses and do better business.

Helene Åkerström Hartman has first been named Entrepreneur of the Year in Bollnäs Municipality and later in Region Gävleborg to finally be in the top three in the whole country.

When asked if she can see for herself what has brought her work to national attention, Helene replies:

"We have really invested in creating an unicity and personality in our concept. We can't just do what people ask. We have to have the courage to think new and do our thing. I think you feel that when you come to Orbaden, that there is something here that is nowhere else.

Despite major investments in both the spa area and the hotel in recent years, Helene has not slowed down the pace of development. There are still large development plans that include both greenhouses and an eco-village in the surrounding area in order to be able to bring raw materials to the kitchen from the hotel's absolute surrounding area in the future. The plans are still far in the future but are fully in line with what Helene has been striving for since the beginning:

"Working locally to make the world a more sustainable and fair place is part of the ACT-local, think global mindset that somehow forms the backbone for us. We wanted to take the world to Orbaden and we do now. And we want to do it in a good way. We have the opportunity to contribute and take a stand for people's differences and rights and we want to use it, both out in the world and here, in the absolute local. It is also something that many of our guests appreciate. They contribute, just by being here, eating well and enjoying.

The grand jury's motivation:

With several finalists from the same industry, this year's third prize winners have distinguished themselves, through a strong profitability that is not obvious in the industry. An inspiring and courageous person, who put his entire personal finances at risk and then found smart collaborations to grow the company further. Even the best beaches on the West Coast couldn't bear a comparison with Orbaden – she took the jury by storm. This year's third laureates are Helene Åkerström Hartman, Orbaden Spa & Resort!

Region jury's explanatory statement:

"This year's entrepreneurs in Gävleborg have a clear focus on welcoming other people to their place. Every working day (and safe -night) there is top-notch service and the best that can be procured. In addition, through long-term work, the Entrepreneur of the Year has, on his own and together with others, worked to develop our part of the world. With a company located right in hälsingland's heart, Entrepreneur of the Year spreads love and well-being to an ever-wider clientele."


Helene Åkerstöm Hartman, founder and CEO

070-672 67 00

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