Peter has lived up to his name and taken the world by storm, but his roots remain firmly rooted in hälsingland's mountains and valleys. I felt a great joy and pride when Peter accepted to decorate his suite. This warm and human person, perhaps one of the greatest Swedish living legends, showed such commitment to the project. With probable obesity, he has on several occasions dragged stuffed suitcases, ranging from tiles and books to shower mixers. The hat racks had to go as hand luggage. Maybe it takes an acting talent to get this through today's security check...

The style of the suite is a reflection of the man, with influences from Japan and Los Angeles, the time with Ingmar Bergman at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the one in Hollywood. Allmoge is joined by traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls, wooden notes and sticks from forests around the world in a tasteful and exciting way.

With great generosity, Peter has shared his life and possessions, both in the form of personal memories and new purchases. Here you will find, among other things, the little icon that has accompanied all the film recordings over the years. Perhaps part of the Spirit of the Storm was handed over along with the nostalgic symbol...

Husdjur får ej bo i detta rum

Storlek 39 Kvadratmeter


till vårt event på Hallwylska den 26/9 17:00-20:00


Ölruset 2024

24 juli. Löpning/Jogg/Rask promenad 7,5km (314 höjdmeter) med ölstopp i natursköna Orbaden, Hälsinglands riviera – följt av bad, mat och underhållning.

Boka boende hos oss. För er info tryck på läs mer.


Nu smälter snön och man börjar känna suget att komma ut i naturen. Vi vill flagga lite extra för våra trevliga vandringspaket som kombinerar spa med en härlig naturupplevelse. Här kan du vandra i berg, skog eller efter älven.



Det är nu snart 3 år sedan Orbadenstämman återföddes. Även detta år erbjuds buskspel, konsert från kyrkbåtarna, ungdomssatsningar, artistframträdanden logdans och kurser. I vårt paket ingår entré till stämmans båda dagar, logi och mat.