Tourist tips

To Orbaden, people have come to rest, bathe in the clear water and breathe the fresh air for almost 100 years.

Bring your favorite book and take a seat in a chair at the spa or in one of the hammocks out in our forest grove behind the hotel. We are happy to recommend our guests to just sit down and "tomglo" as we say in Hälsingland, out over the river and the blue mountains, it may be the best recovery. If you want to be more active, you can join our daily activities at the spa, go for a jog or walk on one of the walks in the village.

Here are more tips on things to do in the local area:

Visit the World Heritage Site of Inn, which is within walking distance of the hotel. Open for guided tours during the summer period.

Dog Park Vovven & I'm perfect for a playtime with your four-legged friend. 

Take a day hike up to the top of Åsberget, the trail starts from the hotel. 

The wooden castle with serving, exhibitions, play for the children and display garden is an obvious excursion for the whole family. Open in summer.

In the winter months when the snow is thick, there are long-distance ski trails in Hosarbo, and a shorter electric light trail at åsberget's foot. On the River Ljusnan there is a chance of long-distance skating. 

At the hotel we have snowshoes, kicks, bicycles and a number of long-distance skis and skates for rent.

In Växbo there is the lens spinning mill Växbolin and mill, take the opportunity to find quality crafts in the factory shop. 

In Järvsö there is Järvzoo for a lovely walk along the wooden trottoar and Järvsö Mountain Bike Park for the daredevil. During the winter there is Järvsöbacken with 20 slopes and 8 lifts.


Försommarlyx med härlig vårmeny

Passa på att fira in försommaren eller studenten denna helg

Fredag 9/6 och lördag 10/6 har vi extra fina erbjudanden på vår helgmeny. 

Spaentré med 4-rättersmiddag 995:-/p

Övernattning med spa, bubbel, 4-rätters middag och frukost. Från 1675:-/p

Dessa erbjudanden kan bara bokas via telefon 0278-621500


Vi tycker att Orbaden är vackert hela året runt, men kanske lite extra just kring midsommar.

Här finns information om vår midsommarbuffé, boendepaket över midsommar, samt allt som händer i byn.