The mission includes a trip to March where an important cargo is retrieved back to Earth. A great adventure for all the strawberries and earth old women!

A number of tasks to be solved by the group for the target to be achieved. Engaging tasks where cooperation, confidence, problem solving and to simultaneously have fun together are some keywords. The group chooses which level they want to put on cooperation at the start. The activity concludes with a brief recap and positive feedback.

The activity takes 2,5 hours and is suitable for a group with 6-30 participant.

Taken: 400 SEK / person excl VAT.

The Treasure Hunt

Our very popular team competition in which data of different types to be solved. Duels against other teams interspersed with tasks within the law. All abilities and knowledge among team members is valuable. Funny, tricky and exciting for small to very large groups. For those of you who want something much better than a pentathlon.

Select Termination - A team wins or that all participants will win together (profit after h o).

Champagne and chocolates to the winning team.

The activity takes 2 hours and fits a group of the 15-250 participant.

Taken: 350 SEK / person excl VAT. Quantity discounts at more than 30 participant.