Jimmy koden

Can you create digit combination that opens the safe? The teams have a game plan and the task of finding a number of places in the neighborhood and solve mysteries. After 40 minutes is the time to open the safe if they have come up with the right answer. The price is in the safe!

Jimmy Kode Beating 1 hour and fits 6 – 40 participant.

Taken: 325 SEK / person excl VAT.

The locked trunk

A suitcase with 6 lock to be opened within 2 hours, Otherwise, the content goes up in smoke! Participants take turns to be responsible for the group's collaboration in the various tasks to be solved in order to get a key. The data includes communications, problem, creativity mm. Flashback and calls for lessons about leadership and teamwork to wind.

The activity takes 2,5 hours and fits a group of the 5-15 persons entered.

Taken: 500 SEK / person excl VAT.

Precis som i Bullerbyn

En magisk utflykt med häst och släde/vagn, music and stories.

Som i Bullerbyn färdas ni efter trygga stora arbetshästar. Bjällrorna klingar och facklorna flämtar. Kanske ser ni spår efter vilda djur. Nedbäddade mellan fällar och filtar går färden i ett lugnt tempo. Lyssna till spröda toner och de nordsvenska hästarnas frustande.

Turen går bland de grånade knekttorpen och målet är den lilla vallstugan intill Svärds soldattorp. Där väntar lättsam sång, musik och smaskigt Hälsingefika framför brasan.

Vi tar genvägen åter till mötesplatsen med spark eller promenad i lyktans sken. Turen tar ca 3 hours

Taken: 795 SEK/person inklusive moms.

läs mer på http://www.turoton.se/paketerbjudande/precis-som-i-bullerbyn/

Det ska vi fira med häst och släde

Ni erbjuds en exklusiv upplevelse, med det bästa av Hälsingland!
I en mindre grupp tar ni del av spännande berättelser, interaktivmusik och smaskig närproducerad mat.
Svep in er i en varm filt och sjunk ner i släden bakom våra trygga brukshästar. Till musiken från bjällerkransen och i facklornas sken färdas ni på hästplogad väg genom gnistrande snö och bland grånande knekttorp. Vi stannar ibland för att lyssna till naturen och kanske några historier om människorna som levde här för inte så länge sedan.Vi når snart vårt mål, vallstugan hos Svärds, där vi stiger in och värmer oss vid den sprakande brasan. Här serveras en njutbar lokalproducerad måltid till de akustiska tonerna från våra musikaliska kuskar. Medryckande musik, som ni har glömt att ni minns, varvas med gemyt, doften av kokkaffe och det ovana lugnet som sänks över stugans snötäckta tak. Turen tar ca 4 hours
Taken: 1 495 SEK/person inklusive moms.


Can you get a 10 meters long domino games in large format consisting of gutters, orb, balansvåg etc. to work?

To 25 minutes we rejoice when the box contents in the game's end until opened in front of you!(hopefully). This is a good activity if the group needs a fun break, or if it works with creativity and problem solving and want to apply it practically. Price of the box if it opens!

The activity takes approximately 30 min and fits a group of the 5-20 participant.

Taken: 200 SEK / person excl VAT.


Participants are divided into two teams. Details of all sorts are presented and the law will select their representatives for short exciting duels against the other team's shooters. The contestants are replaced every after so everyone is active. The number duel constants can vary substantially in different branches.

In the concluding finale, the team that won most have a head start in taking home price and the final victory. A fun variation of lagfemkamp, where it's just as fun to watch as to participate!

Champagne and chocolates for the winners!

The activity takes 1,5 hour and accommodates a group of the 6-50 participant.

Taken: 350 SEK / person excl VAT.

The Treasure Hunt

Our very popular team competition in which data of different types to be solved. Duels against other teams interspersed with tasks within the law. All abilities and knowledge among team members is valuable. Funny, tricky and exciting for small to very large groups. For those of you who want something much better than a pentathlon.

Select Termination - A team wins or that all participants will win together (profit after h o).

Champagne and chocolates to the winning team.

The activity takes 2 hours and fits a group of the 15-250 participant.

Taken: 350 SEK/person. Quantity discounts at a group with more than 30 participant.


The mission includes a trip to March where an important cargo is retrieved back to Earth. A great adventure for all the strawberries and earth old women!

A number of tasks to be solved by the group for the target to be achieved. Engaging tasks where cooperation, confidence, problem solving and to simultaneously have fun together are some keywords. The group chooses which level they want to put on cooperation at the start. The activity concludes with a brief recap and positive feedback.

The activity takes 2,5 hours and fits a group of the 6-30 participant.

Taken 400 SEK / person excl VAT.


We've packed the backpack for you with what you need for a successful pentathlon. We end with something from the bar and a small prize for the winner.

Taken: 100 SEK / person incl. moms, 87 SEK / person excluding. moms.

Horse Taxi

For example, from Orbaden Conference & Spa to Hälsingland farm Gästgivars.

Max 10 personer / vagn

Taken: according to offer

Church boat rowing

Here you have to rest in pace. An activity where you immediately see the effect of "everyone rowing in the same direction". Enjoy the tranquility and the beautiful scenery. The boats can hold about 20 persons.

Taken: 2332 SEK / boat including. moms, 2200 SEK / boat excl. moms.

Read more about the church boat rowing here.


Starting the morning, snap the conference or end the afternoon with a instructor-led power walk in our beautiful surroundings. Fresh air and a decent energy boost. Heating, condition, stretch included. Dress for the weather and good shoes are recommended.

Taken: 600 SEK incl. moms, 567 SEK exkl. moms.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a good form of exercise where you burn more for every step in that more muscle groups are activated. The condition is getting better and you will strengthen the muscles and bones. With our instructor, we go a delightful and refreshing walk in about 45 minutes.

Taken: 600 SEK incl. moms, 567 SEK exkl. moms.


We have snitslat a quiz with fun and moderately difficult questions around our beautiful Orbaden. Tips Round ends with something from the bar and awards ceremony.

Taken: 100 SEK / person incl. moms, 80 SEK / person excluding. moms.

Riding on Icelandic horses and North Swedes

Stall Bogården is beautifully situated in Bogården about 10 km from Orbaden Conference & Spa

1 timme trip / lesson 175 SEK/person

2,5 timmes trip with fika 450 SEK/person

Heldagstur med lunch 800 SEK

Make Reservations for 1 – 20 persons